How Thor Ragnarok Should Have Ended

How Thor Ragnarok Should Have Ended


  1. I am triggered how Thor’s nick name is the ”god of thunder” when thunder is the sound that lightning makes
  2. Who else here likes Loki more than Thor?
  3. Make how Ironman should have ended
  4. I guess you could say he’s...

    LOKI untrustworthy. Eh? Eh?😉
  5. Yep, I'm pretty sure you should be writing these movies not Hollywood. . Yours are way better, 😁
  7. Why is Thor having so much voicecracks
  8. 4:34 fangirl attack!!!!!!
  9. kuch bhi
  10. I kept telling myself that I would see Ragnorok but I've seen endgame so I might as well spoil myself seeing this.
  11. Dr strange is too OP
  12. This was on The King Of Random playlist
  13. It is thorsday
  14. At least Fandral looks different
  15. 1:30 - Led Zeppelin never fail!
  16. 1:43 Ah, Valkyrie calls him by his name now.
  17. Did anybody see someone yellow standing outside ,far let, at 4:36?if so ,like
  18. Are we sure is not Thor the adopted one?
  19. Bat man and super man is from DC and thor is from marvel
  20. Är du svensk

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