How IT Should Have Ended

How IT Should Have Ended


  1. When he says How IT should have ended how does he expect us to know what he’s talking about? :)
  2. I thought at the end Richie just says "Ok, bye!" and runs away with everyone else 😂
  3. It 1890 -2017
  4. 1:43 Super Climax...
    Me: Never thought he would show up
    Batman: Yes I can, Bcoz I'm Batman
  5. looks at title
    Me: how what should’ve ended
  6. this is weird
  7. I love how Batman manages to show up in every video
  8. I used to think this was scary but after this vid, this stuff funny
  9. STRANGER DANGER. SOMEONE HELP US OR WE FLOAT. Just to say I’m 12 and my birthday is 3rd April 2007
  10. Anyone know the song at 3:00 ?
  11. I’m sorry but how come when they said stick together none of them were wearing red until he yelled
  12. me:batman why are you here this is IT not batman
  13. 1:06 it looks so familiar like it was from a transformer hishe
  14. 4yguu5yy767and and I
  16. How what should have ended?
  17. How it 2 should have ended? Are u gonna do it
  18. Did anyone get the old how it should have ended in transformer

    No just me ok
  19. 😁😂😂😂😂
  20. so funny

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