GTA 5 - Peyote Plants Location Guide (Play as an Animal)

GTA 5 - Peyote Plants Location Guide (Play as an Animal)


  1. 24 is not even there for me
  2. This is my first time
  3. so does it have to be in that order or no? like for no dislike for yes
  4. i only found them ocean peyotes because you were giving me hints ...thank you
  5. Who noticed when the bird pooped
  6. Why cant i find ANY of them?
    Help me pls
  7. då kan du hj älpa mig med mitt gta ockhså då
  8. I was a dolfin
  9. Man that is funny
  10. 2019?Does it still work
  11. with the boyz 2019
  12. The animals are different on who you are
  13. Eating a plant underwater...

  14. Peyote plant#23 is really hard ho agreed with me?
  15. I used the peyote to do the glitch buy everything for free xD like if you remember, good memories
  16. If this plant was real I'd be eating it 24/7
  17. I cant find 23 because u started in the middle of the ocean
  18. I eated the thing to be a bird but I turned to an eagle
  19. Bruh I eared the thing and I terned to a dolphin
  20. For some reason I dont have most of these and they don't show up for me. Any help?

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