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@VIZE x Alan Walker – Space Melody (Edward Artemyev) ft. Leony (Official Lyric Video)


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Opis: (PS: The music video is finally here! I know it's been a unique year, but Walkers, you have only proven to make this community stronger. I’m so excited to share this new song with you alongside @VIZE that will hopefully make you feel as optimistic about the future as it does for me. If this song sounds familiar t .


- PKK Resurrection my favorite song, this is a best remix thnk!
Zerknij sobie też i tu narty Lublin , zawsze to jest też przydatne. - Best Song ever!!!! This ist the ultimative Corona-Track!
- PKK- Resurrection base wtf
- Best music very nice 🥰🥰😍😍my favourite song
- This is my favorite song❤️💘💖
- hella underrated
- me
- Absolutely this song deserve more views
- I love this song. My favorite song by Alan. You are a blessed man Alan. Keep making such songs. Love from Mumbai.
- I've been here many times but then forgot the name of the song and got here by " I can see your face ... change.. Song"
Lol I love youtube searching algorithm
- 💕💕💕
- w radiu na praktykach w reno leciało to codziennie przez miesiąc, już tym rzygałem. Przyszedłem powspominać
- 1oòoooooooooooo ooooooo soooooooo soooooooo ooooo o o o
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- am I floating in space? and I didn't know you could hear awesome WALKER melodies in space. :)
- PPK - Resurrection <3
- Never disappoints
- Name: JJC Design
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- Performans süper
- i love music this music 💙