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Robert Lewandowski - Magical Skills & Goals


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Opis: Robert Lewandowski - Enjoy the best skills and goals of Bayern München's best striker ► Sub now: Robert Lewandowski has been the dominant forward in the Bundesliga in recent years. The all-round No.9 is comfortable with the ball at his feet, shots at goal from whatever distance and in the air using his head .


- aj lewy lewy
- annoying music, annoying graphics, annoying slo-mo's
- He is play very calmlyy i love it
- Lewandowski goals are actual goals that a highschool player tries to showboat but don't actually score
- Goal @2:06 looks damn near like the Bundesliga logo
- Danke robert lewandoski 🇵🇱 . from indonesia🇮🇩
- The football king, the 🐐👑
- Polak rodak
- Легенда
- Robert Lewandowski to prawdziwa Liga Mistrzów!
- Lewandowski best Player in The World Good dribling skills and Goals.
- One of the great striker in the world
- I am the levethoski fan ith was a brillion goals
- No1 no9
- Hat-tricks are too easy for him. He scores 4 or 5 goals.
- Imagine lewan Mbappe Messi neymar and cr7 IMAGINE
- Gdzie Polacy ❓
- If Bayern good and better strategy like previous real Madrid
Lewa would have won lot of UCL and award 😭
- Just give him his ballon d'or, please.