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PSY - ‘New Face’ M/V


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Opis: Available on iTunes @ Available on Apple Music @ PSY - ‘I LUV IT’ M/V @ #PSY #싸이 #NewFace #손나은 #SONNAEUN #20170510 #6PM #4X2 #8th #NEWALBUM More about PSY@ http://twitter. .


- The bored captain spindly order because country intriguingly weigh in a shaky rose. abhorrent, stupendous ruth
- I will learn this dancing and show it in front of my girlfriend
- This is all what we need.
But if you make this mv in today's society, you will be criticized sadly.
- Sussus toogus
- I follow here from My ID is a gangnam beauty
- Apink na eun is so pretty
- When you discover this song from Sussus Toogus:
- 👍👍
- That pre-covid music hits different
- หมีพูก็ตรวจโควิดแล้วก่อนช่วงเปิดบัญชีค่ะ
- 15/312คองหกคองหลวงปทุมธานี12000ค่ะพี่ปิกหรอค่ะนัสมาคิมหมีพุลมารับนะเซโก้ะ888นัส
- Sussus Toogus hahahahaha
- I discovered this music because of Kim Taehyung
- A legendary danceeeee
- 더 재밌는 사건, 우리는 저 버젼이랑 댄스를 워낙 마늬봐서요. 그냥 그런가 해요. ^^;;; 지금은 다 아는데요. ㅎㅎ
- 아는분들이 자꾸 겹치는거랑, 그냥 웃는거야.
- 하하하. 딱히 단어가 생각이 안 나쁘지않아요.
- Naeun is so pretty even before. The only thing that got change to her is shes even more pretty now.
- Anybody know who the korean chick is? She looks great!
- This song will be parodyed in fnf Imposter mode 4 years later.😉
이곡은 4년뒤 fnf 임포스터 모드에서 패러디 합니다😉