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POL vs. USA - Highlights Week 2 | Men's VNL 2021


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Opis: Enjoy the Highlights from the men's match between POL and USA from Week 2 of the Men's VNL 2021 in Rimini (ITA). #BePartOftheGame #VNL21 ►► Subscribe NOW & hit the bell! 🔔: ▶▶ Watch ALL the Volleyball action FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA 📱 Instagram: https .


- 🏐 More Info & All Matches of the 2021 Men's VNL
- 🌟🌟USA 🌟🌟
- USA needs Russell and Sanders
- Not USA’s best lineup. Still though they need to toughen up the skills of the role players. Poland looks tough regardless.
- 🏐🏐🏐🏐
- Its second squad of Poland
- Śliwka w formie
- USA need Sander
- this is worst game played by US team i have ever seen!!! so many errors!
- Hello guys l want to ask why didn't Leon play with his team against Brazil....and we know that Brazil won the match
- USA is broken in this year. 😂
- Poland is my country
- Leon đâu!
- 300 milion lose against 50 milion??😂
- Waiting for Brazil x Poland
- US has to bench Patch. Dude is tall but really not good. That third game looked horrendous, I worry about the zoomer gen of USA volleyball players.
- Polska jest mistrzem
- Brawo pl
- I want Bartman to come back to Poland. His game is really insane with Kubiak.