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POL vs. SRB - Highlights Week 1 | Men's VNL 2021


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Opis: Enjoy the Highlights from the men's match between POL and SRB from Week 1 of the Men's VNL 2021 in Rimini (ITA). #BePartOftheGame #VNL21 ►► Subscribe NOW & hit the bell! 🔔: ▶▶ Watch ALL the Volleyball action FOLLOW US ON SOCIAL MEDIA 📱 Instagram: https .


- My favorit team is poland
Albo i też takie - pranie tapicerki lublin jak uważacie, ja sądze że jest ok. - Gratulacje 🇵🇱 POLAND 🇵🇱 # 1 🌞
- Leon , the nightmare of other teams.
- Semeniuk! ❤
- Poland ga ada obat
- maka-happy kaayo mo Polskaaaaaaa
- pol is wonderful! from japan
- good team but bad coach one of olimpic pigeons, a butterfly, he done manipulations also so his son plays with leon, like vanja grbic was playing with sartoreti
- Leon gets blocked on the first point of the game

Leon: "and I took that personally."
- 3枚綺麗すぎ
- Leon played extraordinary but you only should 10% of his points to the point that you showed the weakest serve he did!???!!???? What's wrong with your editing skills or with your thinking skills?!!! FIVB should change you. Poland did such a brave thing welcoming Leon and he played his heart out for his new country and you failed to show that!!! FIVB should change you!!!
- why kubiak doesn't come on game??
- Leon show🔥
- Muy polaco ha de ser León, no hagan trampa, jueguen con sus nacionales
- 1:35 it is simply magnificent
- Brawo Wilfredo,jak dobry Polak "wtopil"sie w druzyne perfekcyjnie,jeszcze te rekordowe ilosci asow-niesamowite,dziekujemy i czekamy na dalsze atrakcje w nadchodzacych spotkaniach.Pozdrawiamy z Italii.
- Не волейбол это а порн... Какая то.. конторщики и продажные мра... Видимость создают что играют а на самом деле отбывают номер..и сегодня поляки играют со Словенией просто как тряпки .. во что спорт превратили ушлепки..
- Leon, Polish?
- Kubiak is waiting for match with Iran xddd