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Novak Djokovic vs Hubert Hurkacz Wimbledon 2019 Third Round Highlights


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- most probable wimbo 2021 final
Moim zdaniem take, , jak dla mnie ok. - ban two fisted backhand. it is ugly
- This will be the final in 2021
- Who's here after he bageled Federer? 😂
- Hurcakz is Murray kind of player.
- These two will be playing in this year's final at Wimbledon. Wanna bet?
- 1:00 that volley..
- I don't recall his match. Three minutes and change doesn't do it justice. I would like to their re-match the upcoming Wimby.
- The crowd ....payback for all Murray defeats - the any but Djokovic crowd ..sour grapes crowd and the unsportmanship crowd and the drunk crowd and the stupid crowd ......
- This is year 19 with the video length 319.
19 is the deepest level of hell where your soul will be tortured in the worst and most painful way ever, non-stopping, forever to the infinity!
- After hurkacz's Miami triumph 😅
- 1.03 legendary
- Dang this crowd really hates Djokovic.
- wow, crowd cheered for Hurkacz as if he were Brit :)
- This guy has some potential but unfortunately over last 1.5 year or so he's been on a downward curve with his performance, playing passive mediocre tennis, gotta change your coach mate, zmien cos chlopie poki nie jest za pozno
- Signatured color shirt wasn't worn ... unlucky to win !!!
Pink is nice
- Jakie to piękne było 1:00 i 1:15
- Finally the highlights made to YT. Despite a defeat this is arguably one of the best matches HH played till that point, not forgetting of win over Thiem and Nishikori (twice). Obviously since then we have just witness wins over Tsitsipas, Fritz, Shapo and Paire and first ATP title in Winston Salem. Congrats HH!
- Champ
- Congrate to Novak finalu and good luck with him... Greetings for all funs of Maestro of white sport Novak Djokovic... Hajde Nole pokori taj London!!!
Banovo Brdo čeka tvoj novi GS!!!
Srećno ti bilo Novače dobri čoveče!!!