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Minecraft hamster maze 🐹 Vertical maze Terraria 🐹 Homura Ham


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Opis: Hamster pool time in the vertical hamster maze of the Minecraft world! Funny hamsters overcomes the vertical Minecraft maze on the hamsters channel - Homura Ham! In this hamster video, my funny hamsters Homura, Pixie and Luna are very fond of playing Minecraft. We made this cardboard maze with traps in the style of the Minecraft game. Let's all see .


- What’s the 3 types of hamsters? Me and my husband r literally arguing about what type hamsters they r! I said they were Syrian he’s saying no! Cuz the white one looks like our Mr hecko who’s Syrian! So what type hamsters r these ?!?
- Homora just wanted to play😭🤚
- Очень круто
- Helio homura
- You're videos are so good!
- I love
- 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
- Pregunta ... ¿Cuanto te costo hacerlo? Unas 3 horas?
- its not terraria
- Dm hat sich
- Who is watching this Video in 2021?

- Класс
- Poderia ser bem mal feito mas não eu ameiii
- ани такие милашки :3
- OMG SO CUTE HAMSTERS 🐹 but in Minecraft I play Minecraft too but is so 🥰 CUTE ☺️ I’M VERY EXCITED WITH THAT HAMSTERS but I want to know how many hamsters have you homura ham?
- Sa un
- Ale słodkie
- О Игорь и Санька
- Yet(´。• ω •。`)
- Wow ile lików