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Massa Battles Kubica | 2007 Japanese Grand Prix


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Opis: Onboard with Felipe Massa as he has an epic battle in the wet with Robert Kubica For more F1® videos, visit Like F1® on Facebook: Follow F1® on Twitter: Follow F1® on Instagram: .


- Como a Fórmula 1 ficou chata, hj em dia uma disputa dessa já teriam punido todo mundo. Jamais teremos esses rallys novamente
- Grf
- amazing
- i to było f1 a nie to co teraz się dzieje
- Kubika Champion ❤️
- Robercie Kubico, driverze błyskawico
- Ahhh... this is real racing. This is the way to see the bigger Alpha in battles.
- We will never see such a fight on Formula 1 tracks anymore
- These cars kissed each other more times than I will ever kiss any girl
- Both Anthony Davidson and Rubens Barrichello said these were the worst conditions they ever drove in.
- Ale zapierdalał...
- Esos eran pilotazos bajo la lluvia no lo de hoy que parecen de azúcar sienten que se desarman si se mojan
- 2007: ah this was a great battle between two world-class drivers.
2021: 8450 second time penalty
- Back when formula 1 wasn't formula soy
- I had to watch it again after the "2021 Belgian Grand Prix" : DDDDDDDDD
- They said you will not get your money back because you were already at Spa and the race happened for 3 laps.
- cough "SPA 2021" cough
- Can't see the light 20 metres behind the car. I wonder, how could they race back then and no one got hurt? Those cars were much less safe and everyone is fine. And now we don't race in the same conditions in the cars that can stand 50G+ hit with little to no consequences to the driver.
- This is what we want, but apparently we can't have wet races anymore
- Who is here after the 2021 Spa Grand Prix?!