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Magda Linette vs Elina Svitolina | Second Round Highlights | Wimbledon 2021


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Opis: Watch highlights from the fourth day of The Championships 2021, where No.3 seed Elina Svitolina faced Magda Linette for a place in the third round... Follow your favourite players, get personalised highlights, and more exclusive benefits. Join myWimbledon: #Wimbledon .


- Sad to see Svitolina go!
- 720p@30fps in 2021 really? 😑
- I've been rooting for svitolina for a few years now but I hate to say she's starting to make me feel that she is overrated every time I wait for her to break through and make a deep run she consistently falls short of the mark. It's a shame tbh
- 🇵🇱💪
- Big match for Magda! :D
- Brawo Madzia,gratulacje :))
- How can Svitolina be ranked 5th ?
- Magda truly stepped it up. Welldone
- great .....
- super Magda!!!
- Свитолина становится как Монфис 0))))))
- Dobrze, że Magda gra i wygrywa.
To jej pomaga uwierzyć w siebie.
Pomoże to też młodym zaczynającym przygodę z tenisem.
Skoro Czeszki potrafią, dlaczego nie Polki?
- Svitolina leave Gaël Monfils
Tu prend sa mentalité de français à accepter les Match truquer ça va pas
- Congrats Magda, amazing match!❤️
- damn is svitolina bad! a commentator in her 1sr round match said before play, she is too good to be not talked about winning slams.
- Svitolina and bencic been in this sports for quite a while when they will provide a big game? Should retire probably
- Magda played beautifully. I hope she will beat Badosa.
- Remember when we classified Svitolina as “consistent”?
- Svitolina is a definition of a journeyman player. Benefited from weakest WTA era ever.
- Позор, уже сколько турниров подряд. За полтинник скоро улетит с такими темпами