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Hubert Hurkacz vs Andy Murray Highlights | Cincinnati 2021


Odtworzeń: 220103
Czas trwania: 3m 59s
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Opis: Match highlights from an intriguing generational battle in Cincinnati...(📸: @cincytennis) SUBSCRIBE to our channel for the best ATP tennis videos and tennis highlights: Watch official ATP tennis streams from every tournament: Tennis TV is the OFFICIAL live streaming ser .


- Can Hubi go all the way in Cincy?
Tu też wejdźcie sobie , może też być przydatne. - Looked as though Andy moved very well. Hurkacz has a wicked spin drop shot.
- Murray should be fined for the unbearable sounds he is making, disgusting!
- Murray not up to it any longer….. Time to pack up?
- its meeeeee
- 1:48 Pre metal hip Andy Murray definitely would've reached for that drop shot. Movement is the biggest problem for Murray now.
- For andy to play at that level after so little action in 4 years is incredible regardless if he lost.. 6 months injury free and he'll be back up there for sure bcos he is that good.
- Definitely See Andy improving and his focus should be to continue playing 250 events and getting back in the groove. He'll probably never reach the heady heights of winning grand slams again. But a contender he can be.
- I’m a fan of hurkacz ever since the media treated him so badly when they didn’t ask him a question and have him standing there like a idiot
- Congratulations Hubert! I hope you can beat Pablo CB today ... although it will be difficult ...
- Murray should retire
- situation of murray & fedrer is same they loss their energy till 3 set in result both of them is beaten by fresh legs
- what murray is angry for at the end of the first set?
- Hubi doesn't need an stupid distraction techniques like grunting to get the job done.
- His next target are djoko and nadal , not mdeved,stisti or zverev
- You can see Murray struggle to get to those dropshots. Baseline rallying was good but when he needs to run, he just doesn't have the capability anymore.
- Wake up. Andy is not going to get there. His body will prevent him from doing so. Time to retire.
- Glimpses of Vintage Murray. That's enough. It could have been lot better had it went to third set.
- Is Murray scared to stretch? Given his injuries. Didn't feel like it was his 100%>
- Murry should retired now it's really is all over for him