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Hubert Hurkacz Fourth Round Post-Match Interview | Wimbledon 2021


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Opis: An ecstatic Hubert Hurkacz was interviewed after he reached the quarter-finals of a Grand Slam for the very first time - defeating World No.2 Daniil Medvedev in a five-set thriller... Follow your favourite players, get personalised highlights, and more exclusive benefits. Join myWimbledon: #Wimbledon .


- At this point Federer fans liked Hurkacz because they were thinking "poor lad he will tomorrow lose against his idol". Well who knew at this point it will go so much different. I think Hurkacz also after he was reminded against who is he playing tomorrow thought "heck, what can possibly go wrong" either he could lose and no one would say a bad word or he could win and be a sensation. So he chose the second thing :) Just do your thing Hubert. Nothing to prove, all to take.
Jak dla mnie dość ciekawe, badania psychologiczne Lublin tu wykonasz - może i więcej, ale czy ok? - Hubert jestem dumny ! Z profesjonalizmu i człowieczeństwa !
- Can he beat Djoko ? I think he can. Good luck Hubert !
- Isn't he modest like Norman Bates ,even he looks little bit like that character.
- Reminds me of Rafa “unbelievable”
- Fedeeer ya se debe retirar.
- Great guy
- Love him!!!
- Hurkacz and swiatek represent pole character well. Proud to be polish during these times
- The English crowd is literally the most knowledgable and appreciative of any crowds in any sport, truly elevates the whole spirit of the sport !
- Ukłony Hubert. Pokonałeś po wyrównanej walce faworyta, znakomitego tenisistę ;)
- Hubert bliski łez, mega wzruszenie, wielka duma i ta flaga biało-czerwona:)
- 💖💖💖💖💖
- Congratulations! Seems like a genuinely good sportsman
- What a nice bloke. He was unlucky to play Djokovic so early on last Wimbledon so glad he's been able to have a deeper run this year. Based on the crowd's response in this interview he might get a decent amount of support today
- Winning against number 2 in the world at wimbledon so special.
- He's so cute
- Buen triunfo del polaco, un gran jugador, llegará lejos, felicidades,
- Djokovic can be congratulated on 20 helmets.
- Hubert is a strong player and also handsome af 🥰