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Hot Water - Simon's Cat | SHORTS #39


Odtworzeń: 18335204
Czas trwania: 2m 26s
Opinie: 131645
Ilość reakcji: 3211
Opis: “A hungry cat goes in search of food and gets his owner into some hot water!” Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! CREDITS: Directed by: Simon Tofield Animation: Sandra Gaudi Clean up: Aude Carpentier Sound: Shrooty Executive Producer: Mike Bell Produced by: Edwin Eckford Brand Manager: Mike .


- This shit is so real it hurts. Love it. 😺😺😺🇺🇸
- My cat gave me a sinister look after watching the video
- Perru
- Por que hay 2 cepillos
- 0:48 did he just drink toilet water? 😂
- 👍👍👍
- 1:33
- 1:34 É muito engraçado
- This is nostalgic
- 0:15: Me wanting to do something in the bathroom while my father's bathing and singing in the bathtub
- If you let a cat in there he would feel destroyed your life
- It my two both baby and big cat
- круто
- Love him♥️😺
- no color sucks
- Sweet cat ♥️♥️♥️
- Kot Simona robi dokładnie to co moje koty 😺
- That face he gave us afterwards was like oh no I killed him
- To jest fajny film
- B