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Heikki Kovalainen Turns Firefighter | 2010 Singapore Grand Prix


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Opis: Things were hotting up on track in Singapore, but for the wrong reasons in 2010! Heikki Kovalainen's battle with Sebastian Buemi ended up in flames for the Finn, who then heroically decided to put out the fire at the back of his Lotus F1 car! For more F1® videos, visit Like F1® on Facebook: .


- One of the best moments of Kovalainen despite not scoing points. Lotus-Cosworth was a team where the "brave firefighter" belongs. He deserved to get a motorsport award for bravery.
- Who's here after 2021 Dutch GP FP1 in which Seb used a fire extinguisher?
- Ice Man And Fire Man
- Iceman

Bottas: Hold my beer. NakedMan now on Netflix.

- Not heroric
- Praised his bravery? Riiiiiight.
- "just leave me alone i know what to do"
- he didn't wanna pull to the pit lane because he wanted to show it to the audience too
- Firefighting is just a hobby for him
- pov: this was in your recommendations!
- fair trade steering wheel for a extinguisher
- Cool
- Yep
- anybody noticed how cool f1 cars sounded back then....
- Wow, that presence of mind during the race. Most of the guys today just run away from the car where something terrible happens.
Given the budget caps, i think this video should be an inspiration and drivers need to be trained to douse the fire in case of the flames.
- Chad af putting the car out with the cars screaming past him at 200+ kph
- Did FIA forget to give yellow flags 😂😂.
- He was like: Let me just spray out this fire
- was there not a caution !!!!???
- Well, I think he didn’t finnish!