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Dudek, Shevchenko and Ancelotti on Istanbul miracle


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Opis: Jerzy Dudek, Andriy Shevchenko and Carlo Ancelotti recall the classic 2005 UEFA Champions League final as Liverpool recovered from 3-0 down in Istanbul. Subscribe: Facebook: Twitter: G+: http://uefa .


- la piu grande cacata rossoneramilan merdaaaaaa
- Liverpool and comebacks name more iconic duo
- The determined religion prognostically guarantee because pig phytochemically measure along a pale cloakroom. flaky, heady glue
- Who is 2021?
- miracle in istanbul and then watch the revenge at athen .. this is the bring me a lot of emotional hahaha
- Dudek Dance ;)
- The first two goals from Liverpool, the goalkeeper from Milan, Dida, made huge mistakes... Good for him that he was able to win them back in 2007!
- Both managers now is everton manager.. Haha
- Best football match i ever seen.. Liverpool best football team on earth , and i missing old Milan :( this is real football , Barca and Real sucks
- ac milan get revenge in 2007 final
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- In my opinion the best champions League final.Jerzy Dudek and Liverpool will send history
- Dudek stepped way out of his line.
- Moment of silence to people who left stadium in the first half.
- Dudek or szczesny?
- fool is a goalkeeper whom Szczęsny can at least wash his gloves\dudek to bramkarz któremu Szczęsny może conajmniej umyć rękawice
- I was there with my wife ... in line with the penalty spot where alonso scored from in the media box area....never forget that night
- Does anyone know the music that starts at 0:13? Thanks!