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Daniil Medvedev vs Hubert Hurkacz | Fourth Round Highlights | Wimbledon 2021


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Opis: Hubert Hurkacz caused a shock upset on Centre Court as he beat World No.2 Daniil Medvedev to progress through to his first ever Grand Slam quarter-final... Follow your favourite players, get personalised highlights, and more exclusive benefits. Join myWimbledon: #Wimbledon .


- now its too hot for him !!!!!!!! poor baby
A zaglądaliście tu? - odbiór śmieci Kraków , ok, ma dobre opinie. - Played exactly like Miami
- "Why the hell they didn't gave a single match to the world number 2 on centre court?" It's called russophobia.
- Fantastic result for one of the most likeable players!
- Bfr this match everyone was saying that only medvedev can beat djokovic.. Now all saying hurkaz played better.. Lols.. Ppl divert easily.. They dnt understand this is all match fixing of highest level..
- Med has a bad attitude. I'm glad Hubert beat him at his own game!!!!!
- Djokovic Jst Cannot Serve….Shapovalov shld Win Jst due to tht….Lotsa luck Denis!!!!!..Take Care!!!
- Hurkacz and clumsy in his movements, he has no style, but he is very dangerous because he reaches all the balls and thinks every shot perfectly.
A very strong and almost invincible opponent.
- Next gen is so lousy.....
- *** *
- Клоуны
- Polish Power
- Medvedev has one of the worst net play for a top player..! GG
- Wimbledon “highlights” is a shame for tennis. garbage
- Bye bye Smegmadev
- These highlights are very poorly done.
- Roger Federer should have retired in 2017 after winning his last Wimbledon title. Muhammad Ali should have retired in 1978 after beating Leon Spinks. Federer hasn't learned anything from Ali and paid the price today. It was not an upset, it was inevitable, it was long coming. He just didn't see it. Bye Roger.
- Wimbledon is so biased they don't even try to hide it. The order of play, the winners and how the highlights are constructed, the courts certain players get to play on and the commentary by the BBC is what creates legends. BIAS. A F
- Never in a million years did I foresee this result for this match-up!
- WOW :)