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Daniil Medvedev vs Hubert Hurkacz: Court-Level Highlights! | Toronto 2021


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Opis: Some of the best bits from a gripping match closer to the court...SUBSCRIBE to our channel for the best ATP tennis videos and tennis highlights: Watch official ATP tennis streams from every tournament: Tennis TV is the OFFICIAL live streaming service of the ATP Tour. Tenn .


- This match really gave him confidence and then he got Toronto and won us open . Don’t know what would have happened if he lost this . Glad he got it done
Tu sobie zobacz ja bym się z tym zgodził. - Hurkacz is a awesome tennis 🎾 player hands down very talented in all corners #Nebraska
- Insane match
- We need more videos with this angle !

Great job !
- Absolutely love how they show the score at the bottom. Well done 👏
- omg great angle!!
- This is amazing!!!
- Hurkacz got loads of talent.. He just needs to know how to pass through quarters and semis with some display of the day...
- Hubie and Daniil are well matched, and for me this was the best match of the tournament.
Can't wait to see them play more big matches in big tournaments over the next decade.
- And this view still doesn’t capture the actual speed. So much faster in person.
- What a huuuuuuge pity Hubert eventually lost that match. I am so sad about it. But Cincinnati is around the corner...
- tennis tv please do this more often
- He's new Djokovic
- Tennis TV please do more court level highlights! I think it will help boost your popularity, it really shows the pace of the game
- now thats good content!
- The best angles
- That's the only way to fully appreciate their level of tennis. Insane! Better than this, just being there on the stands.
- Watched this game in person court side! Was so much fun, one thing though, in person the ball actually doesn’t sound like that it’s a bit softer !
- I dont like that view - camera should be 3 meters above. - HUrkacz won more games but lost .
- I don’t think anyone doesn’t prefer this camera angle. Let’s just settle it now and change the way they air it on tv