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Carlos Alcaraz vs Lucas Pouille | Umag 2021 Highlights


Odtworzeń: 112351
Czas trwania: 3m 2s
Opinie: 1654
Ilość reakcji: 144
Opis: Highlights from Alcaraz and Pouille's first gripping encounter in the first round in Umag..SUBSCRIBE to our channel for the best ATP tennis videos and tennis highlights: Watch official ATP tennis streams from every tournament: Tennis TV is the OFFICIAL live streaming servic .


- The next Spaniard world number 1.
Więcej na stronie znajdziecie cane corso psy tu kupisz hodowla psów , można poczytać. - Rafa 2.0 Vamossss!!!!
- Great battle.
- where are the highlights from this tournament and los cabos ??
- Waouh, c'est beau.
- this man has to be the next Nadal 👊 👊
- I hope he win his first Title in ATPtour within this year.
- Get better
- Alcaraz's racket head speed is insane
- Greatest match of Pouille this year i feel, even better than his wins at Monte Carlo. He clearly improved on his movings, in both forehand and backhand, defend well and overall plays with less slice in backhand which is better for him. He had a good attitude also.
He juste had poor volleys this match, and try too much dropshot and coming to the net in difficults moments whereas it was not successful for him troughout the match, which made him lose too much service game. He also still struggle with the pourcentage of first serve, also too much double faults still but i feel like he is going to be back really soon, especially on hard court if he keep returning long which success him more than when he used to return at baseline.

But really great performance overall, it was really an enjoyable match to see, his opponent Alcaraz was really good to be fair.
- Más aburrido que el infierno 😂
- Nice banana/hook/lob/winner from Alcaraz. Never seen a shot like that before 👍🏼
- le tennis francais c'est une blague depuis quelque années
- Congrats Alacaraz💫⭐ he showed great mental power to fight back in 2nd set, well done. ✅🏆
- I love more if alcaraz didn't grunt or slow grunt
- Im here after pouille beat nadal at us open 2016,poor nadal
- He visto los partidos de Rafa cuando tenia 16 , 18, 19 años y tambien los partidos de Carlos.
tienen en comun la capacidad de lucha sin tregua , Tambien la madured mental.
Todo lo demas es diferente tiene mejor saque, dejadas muy bien ejecutadas , juega muy agresivo atacando desde el primer golpe.
Rafa con 17 años quizas estaba mas " maduro", pero Carlos esta mejorando casi de manera esponencial.
Hay jugadores en la next gen que juegan muy bien pero no es suficiente para ganar a Novak o Rafa, no estan creciendo en su tenis.
Los que vienen detras de ellos (sinner ,Musetti, Alcaraz) se los van comer ,tanto al "Big" y a la" Next
- Alcaraz is getting better and better each match
- Alcaraz will win his first ATP title in Umag, see u at the end of the week
- Tennis TV plz live-stream GSTAAD OPEN...SHAPOVALOV PLAYING ...😊👍