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Can Alison Brie Land The "Alison Brie-Type" She-Hulk Role?


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Opis: After Alison Brie shares her reaction to news that Marvel is looking to cast an "Alison Brie-type" for the role of She-Hulk, James is absolutely convinced the actress is already in talks for the role. More Late Late Show: Subscribe: Watch Full Episodes: Facebook: Twitter: ht .


- pls. cast her for she-hulk
- Cant believe Marvel actually didn’t hire her to play She-Hulk what a missed opportunity
- i would have watched she hulk if it had alison in it
- The only reason I could think of for Marvel not casting Alison Brie is because they have already cast her in something else, which would mean probably an X men like Mystique.
- Alison Brie >>>>>>>Tatiana Maslany
- She's so pretty, it's not even fair.
- dude we all know shes going to he she hulk this is exactly how brie larson acted when she was asked about captain marbel
- And the role goes to.... TATIANA MASLANY!
- Hopefully we will still get to see her burst out of her clothes and shoes when she transforms for her role in She Hulk if she also gets exposed to gamma.
- I was really hoping for it, but she's not gonna be she-hulk. :(
- Oof
- would she take the role?
- Will Forte is a Jim Carrey type.
- She's right though... even if she kicks my butt, I'll like it... ... ... er... that sounds wrong... :P
- every time I hear her voice, i always see diane talking
- "I find it interesting" that's the face of someone who just signed an NDA with disney 🤣
- I suppose she fits the description of an “Alison Brie type”
- I just fell in love with that casting
- "Annie's pretty young. We try not to sexualize her."