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Amazing Points in Medvedev vs Hurkacz Thriller! | Toronto 2021 Highlights


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Opis: Highlights of a THRILLER at the National Bank Open 🔥 SUBSCRIBE to our channel for the best ATP tennis videos and tennis highlights: Watch official ATP tennis streams from every tournament: Tennis TV is the OFFICIAL live streaming service of the ATP Tour. Tennis TV feat .


- For a court-level view, check out this vid:
Zerknij sobie też i tu wynajem osuszaczy , widziałem, też się zgadzam, - Hurkacz was better in the global match, but he lost.
- Hubert has Arrived!
- 2:57 what an important slice for Med.
- I like the sportsmanship at the end. This is what we wanna see all the time !:)))
- sensetional
- Medvedev won by sheer will.
- if HH and DM move in Cincinnati to QF they will play against each other again ...
- Unbelievable performance from both although it was Hurkacz who seemed a better player throughout the match and it feels as if it was stolen from him. Kind of reverse of Wimby epic. Medvedev proved he is rightly number 2, though, and didn't lose concentration when it mattered the most on this occasion.
- Epic battle.
- I am seriously crushing on Hurkacz, a handsome face with a very calm personality
- those screams from Russian fans should have been addressed by the umpire. And not by saying "thank you". They should learn basic rules of supporting a player.
- Now this was a match. No obnoxious screams nor any senseless up the middle pointless bashing. This was a purposeful slugfest.
- Daniil will win US Open this year!!!
- Since wimbledon....I'd like to see how good of Hurkacz....i think he could become a new top class humble when he won or even lost....keep the spirit hurkacz💪
- So what, Medvedev can now play on hard courts? Get lost. I can't stand him.
- Hurkacz play magical tennis. But Medvedev beats him.
Красава, чё.
- потненько
- Very impressed by Hurkacz. Dawaj Hubi!
- Wish the ladies would handshake like this.