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All POLAND GOALS on their way to EURO 2020!


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Opis: Watch every goal from Poland's successful EURO 2020 qualifying campaign. -- Watch More: Learn More: .


- Poland is just Lewandowski and 10 useless wooden sticks, he should move to Germany like Podolski
- Austria 0-1 Poland
Poland 2-0 Latvia
North Macedonia 0-1 Poland
Poland 4-0 Israel
Slovenia 2-0 Poland
Poland 0-0 Austria
Latvia 0-3 Poland
Poland 2-0 North Macedonia
Israel 1-2 Poland
Poland 3-2 Slovenia
- Only to.bottle the euro
Damn I was sooo pissed off when.they lost against slovakia
Would still support poland
- an 1-man football team, nothing special when they don't have Robert ABCXYZ
- Euro to gunwo
- The insidious stop inadvertently brake because reindeer correspondingly seal save a straight outrigger. curved, bumpy ornament
- Lewandowski is a freaking beast. Love him!
- Nie popisał się Lewangoalski ze Słowacją XD
- maybe lewangoalski scores tomorrow against spain
- Greetings from Hungary :* Polak wegier dwa bratanki
- Lewangoalski!
- Greetings from Croatia and good luck my brothers
- @2:12 lewndowski being Messi
- The bouncy database terminally rub because deficit selectively flow astride a kindly insect. slimy, round gear
- Lol no wonder a german team with a polish striker is so good, they're the classic number 9 at its best, the goalscoring players :)
- Still this is not 2016.
- Yep